Global Wierding

by egokiller



52 singles in a year for the Homeless - Week 39 - March 27th 2014

Single N0.36

in aid of...

Big issue in the North -
Crisis -
Shelter -

Special guests

Drums - Tribo Civolani
Percussion - Franco "Fly" Mosca

Mastering by egokiller
Recorded live in the moment @ Hope House, Leeds, UK
Available to download @ & (@egokiller)

Sponsored by BBC introducing with Alan Raw - Rock n' Roll Kids Radio show


Global wierding

You got me day dreaming,
for a few more blues skies
you wouldn't let it go,
you know you like a suprise
Put on your wellingtons,
and your water proof hat
The weather is crazy but
now it's our natural habitat

Natural habitat,
probably gonna' be a little topsy turvy
so tell me, can you handle that?

Argue all you like,
I'm getting wet tonight
You can argue all you like,
There aint no sun inside.

Ooh yeah you send me down,
into the light
Hey baby, that's global wierding
We're the sheep their herding baby
She said never mind that,
just save me, save me

Computer models there to brighten up our lives,
You say it's out of date now and you can't believe your eyes,
Somethings going crazy, when everybodys got no time
Don't know what were gonna' do?
when they turn out the light,
when they turn out the lights
When they turn out the lights,

(feel my free energy)
(feel it)

Energy, give it too me,

You're an ice age, maybe I'm a heatwave
They're gonna' try and make you change your ways,
Gonna' be confusing days.

Oh, they treat a rock like a sinkhole,
in which they sell their souls, gettin more money
gettin more control,
Go down into the lies, there on every side
'Cos nobody really knows where natures gonna' go.

Ooh yeah you send me down
into the light,
(Where natures gonna go)
that's global wierding
Were the sheep they think their herding
That's global wierding baby
she said shut up why dont you just save me
That's global wierding.

You better go that way,
don't stop don't stop till you have your day,
don't stop till you have your day
don't stop till you have your day.

Argue all you like,
were getting wet tonight.


released March 27, 2014



all rights reserved


egokiller Leeds, UK

Cult UK based super prolific hook tastic multi genre Jam band.
Released a record breaking 57 Charity Singles & an Xmas mini album for The Big issue North, Shelter & Crisis UK in the last year!. Feat special guest Drummers including ex- Groove Armada & BBC DJ's. Double album due Summer 2017
Improvise & record everything live in 1 take. Currently on hiatus.

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