Harms Sway

by egokiller



52 singles 1 a week in aid of the Homeless -

Week 1 - July 4th 2013

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Crisis - www.crisis.org.uk
Shelter - www.shelter.org.uk


Harms sway

Now cashless, pastless
Does anybody care when your stuck in the crusher?
Don't say your not there
Don't say you don't care
Don't say your not there
Don't say you don't stare
Hey you
You don't say nothing at all?
You don't say nothing...

Keep me in harms sway
Tip the balance everyday
Someway, anyway, just keep you out of harms way

Oh' from naughty too forty
The tall man, the shorty
No you don't say their not there
You don't say you don't care
You don't say it's not there
Don't say you don't stare

Keep me in harms sway
Tip the balance everyday
Some way, anyway, just keep me out of harms way

Don't feed em', just seed em'
Turn your head away when you see them
Don't chatter or barter
Kick the can down the road, now that aint smarter

Get me into harms sway
Make a difference everyday
Keep me in harms sway, back n' forth like tooth decay

They made you small enough
to be home alone

Oh to be home alone

copyright egokiller 2013


released July 4, 2013
Single sponsors

Special guest - Drums - Dub Paul
Mastering by Bruce Wood - www.touchwoodaudio.co.uk
Photography by Damian Holmes
Recorded live in the moment @ Hope House, Leeds, UK

*More info on this song & it's creation see www.egokiller.co.uk/singles

Love n thanks for your donation x

Week 2 - Talk to the Machines - OUT - Thursday 11th July 2013



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egokiller Leeds, UK

Cult UK based super prolific hook tastic multi genre Jam band.
Released a record breaking 57 Charity Singles & an Xmas mini album for The Big issue North, Shelter & Crisis UK in the last year!. Feat special guest Drummers including ex- Groove Armada & BBC DJ's. Double album due Summer 2017
Improvise & record everything live in 1 take. Currently on hiatus.

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