It's a big idea

by egokiller



52 singles in a year for the Homeless - Week 27 - January 9th 2014

Single N0.24

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Special guests

Drums - Jonny Newell

Mastering by egokiller
Recorded live in the moment @ Hope House, Leeds, UK
Available to download @ & (@egokiller)

Sponsored by - BBC introducing with Alan Raw


It's a big idea

Occupy, TV Lie, everybody toe the line
Anonymous, you cover up,
They’ll drive the protest from your guts
Smart skin, implants, anything for sycophants
Hunger game for brand names,
You'd sue them but they can't be blamed.

Frag this, frack that, weather weapon, drone attack,
Contrail?, chemtrail?,
One of us is bound to fail
Edward, Bradley,
Whistles lying at your feet
War crimes n' secret spying,
Cheaper drugs on every street

It's a scandal
A scandal
Can't get a handle
What’s the big idea?
Ooh it's a scandal
A really big scandal,
No I can't get a handle,
What’s the big idea?

The gold price makes a sound
You fix the rate, and drop it down,
Black box in your wheels, they’ll follow you to every deal
Vaccinate, depopulate, ain't open, you to speculate
From Arab spring to water war,
There's nothing they can't regulate.

Censor this, censor that,
The internet becomes a trap,
Pop your pills n' watch your screens
Their making nightmares from your dreams
Freedom fighter?, Terrorist?,
Depends on who they will resist
Bail you in, they bail you out
Do you hear the voices start to shout?
Start to shout

It’s a scandal
Just a big scandal
You won’t get a handle
It’s a big idea
It’s a scandal
You can’t get a handle
On the slippery scandal
A really big idea

What’s the big idea?
Oh yeah yeah yeah

Sold out, shot down
Baby banned and put to ground
Jimi fixed it for you and you
Outrage, rampage, no change, you point the blame
What does the mirror tell you to do?

What's the big idea?
What's - the - big - idea

What’s the big idea?
What do you fear?
What do you fear?
Ah Oooh
Ah ooh
Ah ooh what's the big idea?
Ah ooh

What's the big idea?
What do you fear?
Mirror mirror on the wall
Mirror mirror on the wall

What's the big idea?

Handle, I can’t get'a handle
No I can’t get a handle, on their,
On their big idea
Handle, no we can’t get a handle
I feel like a vandal
When im looking at,
Their big ideas

F.U.C.K. .F.E.A R

F.U.C.K. .F.E.A R

F.U.C.K. .F.E.A R


released January 9, 2014



all rights reserved


egokiller Leeds, UK

Cult UK based super prolific hook tastic multi genre Jam band.
Released a record breaking 57 Charity Singles & an Xmas mini album for The Big issue North, Shelter & Crisis UK in the last year!. Feat special guest Drummers including ex- Groove Armada & BBC DJ's. Double album due Summer 2017
Improvise & record everything live in 1 take. Currently on hiatus.

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